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2020-03-14: Added Label markers to last data points on chart.
Added data refresh to chart page if data is older then 60 minutes.
Added start of Portfolio page Create, Rename, Delete so far only.

2020-03-06: Added Save/Restore of user values in details.aspx page.
Added Williams %R next to Daily Change if present.
Corrected Excel Output of Long Integers to prevent truncation of numeric values by forcing string format.
Added Titles to all pages

2020-03-05: Added Quick List.
Added Timeframe link selection (replaced Drop Down).

2020-03-04: Added TMX and Yahoo Links to details.aspx.
Added Williams %R to graph as option.
Added Find Symbol box to Title Bar area.
Added Change Password Link.

2020-03-03: Added basic graphing function to details.aspx.

2020-03-02: Initial publish with Symbol Listing page.