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Stock Tracking System


2021-03-17: Moved DB to faster server. Transactions at DB level now seperate from Web and Background processes.

2021-03-13: Fixed TITLE of Stock Details page to reflect the currently loaded stock(s)

2021-03-05: Added Email configuration to the system with login/failure notifications.
Added Account Lockout Time and failed Login Attempts counter.
Added User Settings for options.

2021-02-25: Fixed +TMX link to new format. Eg. "https://money.tmx.com/en/quote/BCE"

2021-02-19: Altered Graph Sizing to be based on screen size (when submitted) and the count of graphs.

2021-02-17: Added "Portfolio List" menu where any symbol in any portfolio will show up as a link in this menu (with owned total share count if any) to free up Quick List space.
- Added Percents to Summary Groups CG/TG with Active Shares for easier evaluation

2021-02-10: Portfolio selection added to Portfolio editor (can add to any portfolio regardless of which is active)
- Also Allowed edit from Symbol Detail Page.

2021-02-02: Buys/Sells added to charts (Buy=Green Square, Sell=Pink Diamond, see hover tooltip for details)

2021-01-18: Portfolio values for Logical Groups of owned shares are displayed on Details page for a symbol to see values relative to market graph, includes all portfolios.

2021-01-14: Dividends added to charts (Purple Circles)

2021-01-10: Altered Portfolios to have Logical Summray groups (whenever shares are sold down to owning 0 a summary is broken down for the buy/sell)

2020-09-01: Large Additions of Portfolios Listings and Summaries per symbol.

2020-03-14: Added Label markers to last data points on chart.
Added data refresh to chart page if data is older then 60 minutes.
Added start of Portfolio page Create, Rename, Delete so far only.

2020-03-06: Added Save/Restore of user values in details.aspx page.
Added Williams %R next to Daily Change if present.
Corrected Excel Output of Long Integers to prevent truncation of numeric values by forcing string format.
Added Titles to all pages

2020-03-05: Added Quick List.
Added Timeframe link selection (replaced Drop Down).

2020-03-04: Added TMX and Yahoo Links to details.aspx.
Added Williams %R to graph as option.
Added Find Symbol box to Title Bar area.
Added Change Password Link.

2020-03-03: Added basic graphing function to details.aspx.

2020-03-02: Initial publish with Symbol Listing page.